How can I get more information on planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, extra-solar planets, black holes, etc.?

We suggest one of the following Internet sites, which are available to answer astronomy and science questions:

Ask an Astrophysicist — Dedicated especially to questions about black holes, quasars, dark matter, etc.

Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer! — Hosted by Cornell University.

The Astronomy Café — Hosted by Dr. Sten Oldenwald.

Ask An Astronomer at Lick Observatory.

Nick Strobel’s Astronomy Notes — A “Do-It-Yourself Astronomy 101” course for everyone.

The Electronic Sky — An excellent source for information for beginners.

The Nine Planets — Solar System information.

The Educational Observatory — More information for the beginner.

Students for Exploration and Development of Space — Resources designed by students for students.